Degrees Available In Business School

There are a few different degrees that can be obtained when attending business school. It is a very diverse field and there are both certificate programs as well as diplomas available. There are many choices to choose from and it may be difficult to decide which is best for you and what you are looking for. Here are some different choices to choose from when it comes to an education in business and the basics of what these programs entail.

Certificate and Diploma Business Programs

• It will 6 to 12 months to complete the certificate or degree.
• Provides business fundamental training.
• These can help with promotions at current jobs, as well as entry level positions within in the industry, such as non-profit organizations.
• There are general management courses, as well as specialized degrees such as human resources, global leadership, marketing or finances.
• It is an undergraduate diploma or certificate that can be completed quickly to you get working or promoted faster.
• The courses are faster and there is more information to retain in a shorter period of time.
• There are both online and traditional classroom courses available.

Associate Degree in Business

• This type of degree is typically completed at a community or junior college.
• These can also be obtained through specific business schools as well.
• Occassionally colleges and universities also have business Associate programs.
• This type of degree takes 2 years to complete.
• It is a general education degree in business.
• An Associates in Business many times is a stepping stone to a Bachelor degree in business at an university.

There are 3 Associate degrees available in business, which are:

  1. Associate of Applied Science in Business
  2. Associate Business Administration
  3. Associate of Arts in Business Administration

Each college or university may have slightly varying names and programs, however these are the most commonly used.

Bachelor Degree in Business

This is a business studies degree.
A Bachelor in business will take 4 years to complete.
There will be multiple areas within the business degree that will be concentrated on.
There will be general business courses to complete, as well as the following business specific courses, which are:

  • Law
  • Ethics
  • Economics
  • Finances
  • Marketing
  • Management information systems
  • Organizational behavior
  • Operations management
  • Traditional management
  • Strategies
  • Statistics

Usually students will study in a specialized are of business, such as:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Operations management
  • Management information systems

The degree courses will be tailored to this specific area of study.

Masters Degree in Business

There are different Master degree programs that can be completed in business.
The Masters degree can not be completed until after a Bachelors has been received in business.
It is a commonly sought after degree.
The most commonly obtained Masters degrees in business are:
Full time Masters that takes 2 years to complete. Students already have some hands on experience in the real world when entering into this program. Classes are completed in the same way at the university or college as the undergraduate courses were.
Accelerated Masters takes 18 months to complete and is the same classes, but with a larger course load.
Part time Masters is completed in about 3 years and the classes are usually taken in the evenings. This is the degree to get for people that are already working in the field and are professionals, but are furthering their education. The course load is much lighter and it can take longer than 3 years to complete as well.
Executive Masters is for students that are managers and executives already who are looking to learn additional business related information. This degree typically takes 2 years or less to complete. Usually students enrolled in this type of program have 10 plus years of work experience and take on a heavier course load to complete the degree in no more than 2 years.
Masters in business can be completed through distance learning courses as well and the classes are off campus and online instead.

Doctorate Degree in Business

This degree is similar to a PhD. program.
It offers research tools to the student seeking the Doctorate.
Research and business training is completed to use within the corporate world.
Classes consist of business concepts and active research.
It can be specialized, such as management science, organizational behavior, economics, technology management or finances.
The degree focuses on practical and contemporary business issues.
It is considered a degree that gives the student a mastery of business literature and applying that knowledge in business environments.