Research, Scholarship and Argumentative Essay

A research essay is your own beliefs, ideas and understanding of matter which is supported by proven facts as well as fundamental truths or widely held beliefs.

Now examples that are analogous to research essays are a scientist going through various case studies to prove an idea based on certain scientific principles. A lawyer will go through vast amounts of data as the facts found, or investigate the factors involved in the incident and even review similar cases to understand how to solve a case.

Now a research essay written on World War II will go through articles, read factual books or even interview individuals that are survivors of the tragedy in order to develop or prove a point of view through supporting evidence.

A research essay is developed through building on the knowledge/facts you know of a certain subject and attempt to further investigate what experts in the specific field have proven or confirmed. In order to develop a research paper one has to go through an entirety of knowledge in that field to find authenticated and favorable facts.

Now I will mention the two basic elements that build up into a research essay.
One has to perform a literature review which will prove that the person has an understanding on the matter on which they are developing a research essay. This part of your research essay will require you to rephrase and summarize the existing proven facts.

You have to prove your analytical skills through your research paper by proving your understanding on the matter through an explanation from your own perspective.

Scholarship Essay

In a scholarship essay you will be required to write about a variety of topics that will allow the admission board to calculate and understand who you are. When you write a scholarship essay in what ever topic required the topic will entail you to provide some sort of insight of yourself.
Now when you write your scholarship essay from your own words with your own views you will allow your personality to be communicated.

Now in order to successfully write a scholarship essay you need to make sure that you think about what you write and carefully phrase your thoughts or expression in order for accurate communication.

Now the basics of any form of writing are included in writing a scholarship essay as well (think, make a rough draft, write and proof).

You have to understand what the admission board require from you in your scholarship essay and write accordingly. You must have a clear and accurate idea of the criteria the admission board will evaluate your scholarship essay on.

Now after you have clearly comprehended the requirements of your admission board note them down and place them safely where you can see them. Remember the goal you have to achieve through your scholarship essay.

Make an out line of what you would like to include and what might be irrelevant in the limited word count that you are restricted to in your scholarship essay. Then create a rough draft of what you want to communicate on the given subject in your scholarship essay. Finally keep fine tuning it through as many revisions it takes until it becomes the scholarship essay you intend to present to the admissions board.

Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is as good as the topic upon which you are basing your argument in opposition to a conflicting school of thought. Now remember basing your argumentative essay on a topic that interests you is not enough. You should have enough supporting facts that allow you to prove your point of view with reason based logical facts.

You can not simply believe one point of view and argue for it; you have to provide solid grounds that that will allow you to convince the reader.
In the case that an argumentative essay is read and the reader replies that they do not have sufficient knowledge on the matter to take a stand then you have basically failed in writing an argumentative essay.

Now in order to develop an effective argumentative essay begin by listing down points that are both for and against your subject Initially you have to provide an evaluation of both perspectives (to and fro).

Now remember the key to developing an effective argumentative essay is to find out each of the supporting points of the apposing school of thought and figure out how you will negate then in order for your argument to prevail.

Now only an uneducated individual will get emotional in proving their argument. If you want a knowledgeable individual to agree with your point of view then you must provide solid evidence that is factual and objective which supports your claim.

You basically have to provide proof without any emotions involved.
In your argumentative essay you have to investigate both sides of the story and justify the position you take.