Vancouver Essay Style

Vancouver style citation is used for scientific and other types of literature citation. However, there are some things about a Vancouver style citation that are different and a little peculiar. They are:

Vancouver style citation mainly uses numerical citation. Within the body of the text the student only needs to have numerical references. However, in bibliography you must include more specific information which includes the title, author and year of publication.

The Vancouver style dates back to 1978 when the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors was held. This is why the Vancouver style is references with medical citings in mind. It has changed very little over time since then.
It is usually used in scientific journals, research and other similar works. However, it is more appropriate and easily referenced in academic works when it comes to theoretical topics.

Understanding this style is important since it has advantages when it comes to specific numeric citings for references and large amounts of information from databases, as well as complex research that has been used in extensive literature analysis.

Keep in mind though, the Vancouver style is mainly used for medical essays and your typical undergraduate will not need to use it. It is close to the Harvard style that is used within the medical field. Also, it may also be called the author-number format. This means the citation appears in the text with a number in parentheses, which increases with each new work that is cited. Then the bibliography portion lists each citation in order, which means the reader only has to find the number in the bibliography that goes with the citation. However, keep in mind the numbers can be in the subscript and than the citation only has to be in the bibliography portion and not at the bottom of the page.

An example of Vancouver style is as follows:

  • Author Last Name, First Name
  • Book Title
  • City Published In: Publisher Name; Year Published.

Keep in mind that the book title only has the first word of the book name capitalized. The rest of the name is in lower case. Also, keep in mind that the bibliography will not be in alphabetical order. It should appear as it did within the essay, in that order. Furthermore, abbreviations can be used, as long as the citation is clear.

For example, The New England Journal of Medicine may be abbreviated ‘NEJM’. Also, ‘University’ may be abbreviated ‘Univ,’ ‘February’ may be abbreviated ‘Feb.’ You may shorten page numbers as well: ‘101-151’ may be written ‘101-51?